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Drunk History: Seasons 1 & 2 (DVD Review)

Drunk History is the brain child of Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner.  Apparently inspired by drunk ramblings of New Girl star Jake Johnson during a night out.  It originally was produced and air on the comedy website Funny Or Die.  In 2013, the web show was brought to the television format on Comedy Central.  It […]


The Purge: Catching Fire & Rescue (Movie Review)

One of the more impressive aspects of The Purge: Anarchy is not really the movie itself, but the fact that how it was sold managed to get me excited, despite the first ‘Purge’ from a year ago finding its way to my ‘Worst of 2013’ list.  Fast-tracked sequel or not, ‘Anarchy’ seemed set out to […]


‘Devil’s Due’ Video Surprise!

After a mysterious, lost night on their honeymoon, a newlywed couple finds themselves dealing with an earlier-than-planned pregnancy.  While recording everything for posterity, the husband begins to notice odd behavior in his wife that they initially write off to nerves, but, as the months pass, it becomes evident that the dark changes to her body […]


The Last Stand (iTunes HD Digital Download Review)

Like my curious flirtation with Mama in my last HD Digital Download review over here, I really wanted nothing to do with The Last Stand.  Why?  Quite simply…I felt embarrassed for Arnold Schwarzenegger in it after seeing how much he makes fun of himself in the trailers.  It was funny at first, but I have […]


This April Schwarzenegger is Back and Better Than Ever In ‘The Last Stand’ On Blu-ray

So this past winter has seen the release of action films from a lot of the action starts, old and new.  I did not expect The Last Stand to be the best of the bunch, but given that A Good Day to Die Hard was a huge bust and Stallone couldn’t quite land a Bullet […]


A Post Grad Celebration on Blu-ray!

We all know that saving the real world is easier said than done.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just all be professional full-time students for a living?  I would love that job!  Unfortunately, the world does not work that way for the majority of us.  We are all forced to get eventually get […]