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Drunk History: Seasons 1 & 2 (DVD Review)

Drunk History is the brain child of Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner.  Apparently inspired by drunk ramblings of New Girl star Jake Johnson during a night out.  It originally was produced and air on the comedy website Funny Or Die.  In 2013, the web show was brought to the television format on Comedy Central.  It […]


Blended (Blu-ray Review)

When it comes to the films of Adam Sandler, critics either have their negative review written before they see the film or just avoid the movie all-together.  Personally, I can’t say I’m a big fan, but I’m sort of indifferent.  Back in the 90s and early 2000s he made a good handful of movies I […]


Night Of The Demons – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Night Of The Demons is a film that has been engrained in my consciousness ever since my very first viewing of it.  I remember it quite clearly.  That damn VHS box at the rental store was incredibly terrifying to me (see the thumb).  I always wanted to rent it but backed off.  Once the time […]


Weeds: The Complete Collection Grows On Blu-ray This November

Having never seen this show I gotta say I’m kind of pumped for this upcoming release I’m about to spill the beans on.  I mean, what better way to watch an entire series than marathon viewing?  No commercials!  A whopping 16 discs!  Paradise!  So here’s the dealio all..the ultimate collection of all eight seasons of […]


Blu-ray Finds Aliens in the Attic

This November 3rd, take a look upstairs as Aliens in the Attic is released on Blu-ray!  This adventure-filled comedy is something the whole family can enjoy as a small band of green aliens crash land on earth and launch their base of operations from one family’s attic.  Chaos and laughs are sure to ensue as […]