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‘The Shallows’ Packs Efficient Bite In The Not-So-Deep Blue Sea (Movie Review)

Just when you thought it was safe to get Blake in the water, along comes The Shallows. Here’s an efficient thriller that milks a solid premise for all it’s worth. A surfer is trapped on a rock near the shore, while a shark circles her. Other details keep it interesting, even while the film goes over-the-top […]


What About ‘Non-Stop’ Though? (Movie Review)

It is fun to see how much credibility an actor with gravitas can bring to a really silly film.  Liam Neeson has returned to the action/thriller realm once again to star in an airplane-hijacking film, with twists and turns that go way too far in terms of being plausible.  It matters little though, as the […]


Don’t Be Afraid of the ‘Unknown’

Up until recently I didn’t know anything about Unknown, but when I saw the movie’s trailer on television, a few weeks back, I instantly took notice.  Why?  Because… A) Liam Neeson stars in it… and B) Liam Neeson is shown in a bada$$ role much like he portrayed in Taken.  And so, with only one […]