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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Four New Indie Titles

Giving smaller cinema a place to hang it’s hat, on the film docket this week there are tales of women withholding sex (all in the name of getting rid of guns!), found footage anthologies, a lesson in still frame narrated performance art and even a little wedding day possession to keep things interesting.  So check […]


‘Pitch Perfect’ Is Aca-Okay

I may be a guy, in his 20s, who writes about movies and Blu-rays, and plays video games, and would have seemingly no reason to want to see a film about competitive a capella groups, but I found the trailer to be slight, but enjoyable, and who can say no to a smile from Anna […]


We Bought A Zoo: Blu-ray Review

We Bought a Zoo is a movie made to make you feel good.  There is no other way around that.  It features nice performances, a nice score, stakes that are enough to keep you involved, but never to really put you in a tense place, and an overall sweetness that is enough to make your […]


Bad Teacher (Blu-ray Review)

Amidst the many R-rated comedies of 2011, Bad Teacher managed to become a pretty decent sized hit.  It crossed over the $100 mil mark and seemed to prove that Cameron Diaz can draw in a crowd.  I still wish it was a better movie though.  Instead of playing out as a clever satire about a […]