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INTO THE WOODS Trailer Now Available on iTunes!

Today Disney has unveiled their teaser trailer for the upcoming live action film adaptation of the longtime favorite musical Into The Woods!  I saw this one long ago back in the 90s and remember it being quite a bit of good fun.  So, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing this.  It comes from Rob […]


Ben and Kate – FOX Fall 2012 Pilot Review – Just Seen It

David, Sean and Rachel take a look at this new FOX Sitcom. Starring David Freedman, Sean Wright and Rachel Appelbaum. Directed by Amy Taylor. Synopsis: Nat Faxon and Dakota Johnson star in this new Fox comedy about a responsible single mom and her trouble-making brother. When Ben shows up unexpectedly in Kate’s life, she braces for the worst. […]


Bad Teacher (Blu-ray Review)

Amidst the many R-rated comedies of 2011, Bad Teacher managed to become a pretty decent sized hit.  It crossed over the $100 mil mark and seemed to prove that Cameron Diaz can draw in a crowd.  I still wish it was a better movie though.  Instead of playing out as a clever satire about a […]


The Syllabus States That ‘Bad Teacher’ Is Due This October

Bad Teacher turned out to be a decent-sized hit during this summer, which featured many R-rated comedies.  I thought it was fun enough (review HERE), but now people will have their chance to own it for themselves, as Bad Teacher comes to Blu-ray on October 18th.  As you may recall, the film stars Cameron Diaz […]


‘Bad Teacher’ Makes The Grade

Bad Teacher is an example of bringing a lot of talented and funny people together to make a movie that should obviously deliver, yet it doesn’t quite knock it out of the park.  Still, while not a grand slam by any means, the film does manage to make it to home plate (and that’s the […]