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Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Collector”

My previous stomping grounds Starpulse.com has streamlined and simplified their content and as a result years of my column Forgotten Friday Flick has been taken down.  And while there is no shortage of films to cover in the future, there were a few movie notables really near and dear to me that I didn’t want […]


‘Transcendence’ Exceeds No Limits (Movie Review)

For a techno-thriller about artificial intelligence, it actually seems to make sense that Transcendence does not have a whole lot of emotion to back up its big ideas, aside from  Paul Bettany’s cry face, which makes its appearance now and again.  This is a film that could have worked as a cheesy B-movie with the […]


The Collection (iTunes HD Digital Download Review)

It seemed like a long wait, but the day has finally arrived when we get treated once again to the bloody gore and pulverized meat of last November’s The Collection, a sequel to the 2009 horror film The Collector, on Blu-ray, DVD and HD Digital Download.  The film sees Josh Stewart (Bane’s right hand man […]


‘The Collection’ Grows on Blu-ray This March

Finally!  It’s a movie that I want to talk about instead of the lackluster I ‘saw’ in the theater tonight (Gangster Squad).  And it’s coming straight from the Top Ten list of my favorite films in 2012.  Drum roll please…  From the Twisted Writers of Saw IV, V, VI and VII comes The Collection arriving on Blu-ray, […]


Brian’s Undeniably Sexy & Irresistible Top 10 Films of 2012

For my Top 10 list of favorite films from the calendar year of 2012 I decided to take the high road.  What I mean by that is in these annual posts I also tend to pick on and rip apart all the films I either hated or was utterly disappointed by in the current calendar […]


Screamfest 2012: The Collection (Movie Review)

Opening night of Screamfest 2012, I was able to see the new horror film, The Collection.  Horror fans may not have too much trouble remembering The Collector, which came out back in 2009, but others may struggle when realizing that The Collection is actually a sequel to that film.  Now The Collection is not really […]