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Blue Sky Studio’s Newest Animation Is Epically Average (Movie Review)

Given how 2013’s Memorial Day weekend is packed with action and comedy for adults with both Fast & Furiou6 and The Hangover Part III hitting screens everywhere, it is only right to have some counter-programming for kids and family audiences.  I only wish that the film Epic lived up to its title.  As it stands, […]


Brian’s Undeniably Sexy & Irresistible Top 10 Films of 2012

For my Top 10 list of favorite films from the calendar year of 2012 I decided to take the high road.  What I mean by that is in these annual posts I also tend to pick on and rip apart all the films I either hated or was utterly disappointed by in the current calendar […]


The Green Hornet Gets Justice on Blu-ray May 3rd!

Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Oscar Winner Christopher Waltz and Cameron Diaz all starred in this years #1 Action Comedy.  What was it?  Well, it’s The Green Hornet, but of course!  Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has officially announced the Blu-ray title for a May 3rd release.  And best of all…it comes in two flavors, 3D and […]


‘The Green Hornet’ Strikes, But It’s Not Quite A Thrilling Adventure

When it was announced that Seth Rogen would be starring as the Green Hornet, many first asked, “Wait, who’s the Green Hornet?” The second thing asked was, “So he’s kind of like The Shadow…wait, who’s The Shadow?” But finally, people asked, “Wait, Seth Rogen is going to play a superhero?” And so he was, and now, some time later, the time of The Green Hornet is finally upon us. After many months of delays, different directors, cast members, and a post-conversion to 3D, the film stands as a potential blockbuster (even with its January release date). Fortunately, I had fun with this film overall. Unfortunately, I would simply describe it as “ok”.


The 82nd Oscars in Review

Roger Ebert recently said that he couldn’t think of an easier year to predict the Academy Award winners.  Sure enough, most of the pre-show claims out there turned out to be accurate with Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker taking the most heralded prize of the evening for Best Picture.  Other notables include Jeff Bridges […]


Jon’s Analytical Coverage of Inglorious Basterds

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a huge Quentin Tarantino fan.  I think some of the hype about him as a director overlooks the fact that he, just like Martin Scorcese, lifts almost everything he does from other films.  Of course this can turn into a long discussion about the nature of plagiarism and its place […]