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Ant-Man (3D Blu-ray Review)

Marvel, the Studio who brought you “The Avengers”, now brings to life one of the original Avengers — Marvel’s Ant-Man. Bring home the epic heist as Ant-man embraces his inner hero and harnesses the unique ability to shrink in scale to save not only the world, but his daughter. Full of both humor and heart, […]


Review: Ant-Man

“Ant-Man” is so funny, so charming, and so confident that its absurdly goofy premise never spirals into unbelievability. What director Peyton Reed and screenwriters Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Adam McKay, and Paul Rudd have created is an absolute joy to behold. The action is thrilling, the characters are engaging, the drama is emotional, and the […]


Ant-Man Provides Some Decent-Size Fun (Movie Review)

Somewhere there’s a big joke in all of this, that is if you’re familiar with all the Ant-Man drama over the past year.  Between y’all and I, it’s a wonder this movie even got made, nonetheless successfully completed before its official July 17th release date.  Now with most movies, there are some behind the scenes drama at […]


BIG NEWS! The Ant-Man Teaser is Out!

Whether you were watching the premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter or simply waiting for YouTube/Twitter/Facebook to explode with all this ANT-MAN stuff, it is now safe to think small and get a load of what Marvel has in store this July.  Ant-Man is coming and troubled behind-the-scenes business aside, many surely have enough faith in the […]