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Gold (Blu-ray Review)

Gold was a film that went through a bit of a lengthy journey to finally getting its way to production. Pitched as a more modern Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the film once had director Michael Mann attached to film it.  Mann eventually left it to film Blackhat.  Finally the film was made and released […]


666 Park Avenue – ABC Fall 2012 Pilot Review – Just Seen It

Sean, Liz and Greg review this new supernatural thriller. Starring Sean Wright, Liz Manashil and Greg Karber. Directed by Amy Taylor. Synopsis: The Drake is the most exclusive residence in upper Manhattan. Owned by the mysterious Gavin Doran, he hires Jane and Henry as the building’s new managers. But they soon discover they may have made a deal […]


‘The Darkest Hour’ Didn’t Quite Brighten My Day

About 45 minutes into this Russian-set alien invasion movie I realized that I had no idea what the names of the characters I had been following were.  That probably sums up the character work done in this film to keep you hoping for their survival, even though the leads are fairly likable.  I should also […]