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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Seven New Indie Titles

Mamma mia – there sure are a lot of Indie outings this week!  (So…here we go again!)  We’re hitting the lesser known cinema scene to check out the offerings for film fans looking to reach well beyond the standard studio fare with seven hopefuls in various categories.  Tales of lyrical racial tension, the price of […]


Dredd (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

One of the biggest cult films of the modern era has to be Lionsgate’s Dredd. The film surprised many and was well liked by those who saw it. It’s a comic and revival property that didn’t really take the world by storm though at the box office. It pretty much wound up breaking even at […]


Dredd Is The Law, And He Brings Proper Judgment

For a movie that is about brutal violence and maintaining a dark and nihilistic tone throughout, Dredd sure was a pretty film.  This second attempt on a theatrical feature about the futuristic cop who serves as judge, jury, and executioner is an exercise in grit and violence, with just a hint of self-satire to keep […]


Dredd Movie Review – Just Seen It

Sean, Leah and Salim review this action thriller re-make based on the graphic novel. Starring Sean Wright, Leah Aldridge, and Salim Lemelle. Directed by Amy Taylor. Synopsis: Dredd is one of the most feared cops in a post-apocalyptic metropolis. When a powerful new drug hit the streets, Dredd and his team try to stop its spread. But when […]


The Darkest Hour 3D / 2D (Blu-ray Review)

The electrifying science-fiction thriller The Darkest Hour arrives on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD April 10th from Summit Entertainment. Emile Hirsch (Speed Racer, Into the Wild), Max Minghella (Ides of March, The Social Network) and Olivia Thirlby (TV’s “Bored to Death,” Dredd) star in this story of five young people who find themselves stranded in Moscow and fight […]


‘The Darkest Hour’ Didn’t Quite Brighten My Day

About 45 minutes into this Russian-set alien invasion movie I realized that I had no idea what the names of the characters I had been following were.  That probably sums up the character work done in this film to keep you hoping for their survival, even though the leads are fairly likable.  I should also […]