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Oppenheimer (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

There were two movies people REALLY wanted to see this past summer, and they came out on the same day. Barbie did the bigger overall business, but it may be Oppenheimer that was much more surprising and impressive considering the kinds of movies we think aren’t worth putting in theaters anymore. Almost clearing a billion […]


The Critters Collection (Blu-ray Review)

One of the most anticipated released of the year is undoubtedly Scream Factory’s Complete Collection of the four Critters films. On Blu-ray for the first time ever, you’ll remember this as a Wishlist (2019’s is coming folks, be patient) title from me many moons ago. I have to say I would have settle for bare […]


THE CRITTERS COLLECTION Comes In Glorious Scream Factory Blu-Ray Set November 27th!!!

They’re back and ready to devour your Blu-ray player! Scream Factory proudly presents The Critters Collection in a 4-Blu-ray set on November 27, 2018. The terrifying and tiny menaces are out in full force with this four-film collection packed with enough special features to make any fan’s mouth water! The hit creature franchise finally comes packaged together and […]


Band of Brothers / The Pacific Special Edition Gift Set (Blu-ray Review)

Considered two of the finest depictions of the sweeping panorama of World War II, the HBO Miniseries Band of Brothers and The Pacific are being offered, for the first time, in one ultimate collector’s edition – just in time for holiday gift giving.  Band of Brothers / The Pacific Special Edition Gift Set, will be […]