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‘Sing Street’ Rocks (Movie Review)

After mixing it up with bigger stars and budgets with Begin Again starring Kiera Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, writer/director John Carney has taken things back down a notch with the incredibly winning Sing Street. This film takes the sweetness found in Carney’s breakout film, Once, and enlivens the material with an attitude akin to Son […]


The Scorch Trials (Blu-Ray Review)

Following the footsteps of The Hunger Games and Divergent, The Maze Runner joins the ranks of the dystopian YA mega-franchise schlock with it’s second film, The Scorch Trials. As is the standard for such franchises, The Scorch Trials promises to be bigger and better, yet it fails on almost all fronts in such spectacular fashion. Wrought with incredibly bland, cliche, […]


Wake Up with ‘Wake Wood’ This Summer on Blu-ray!

I am all over this one!  Check out this trailer below!  See how excited I am?  That’s usually my last line leading into a press release.  LOL.  One of the first feature films in more than three decades from the horror hounds at Hammer Films arrives on Blu-ray this summer.  The heart-pounding supernatural shocker, Wake […]