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The Blacklist – Season 1 (DVD Review)

One of last year’s biggest new dramas for network television and sort of a show to help NBC in attempting to make a big comeback, was The Blacklist.  Its big selling point was that of actor James Spader, who has managed to turn himself into a television superstar in the last decade plus.  Not only […]


Set Yourself Free For A Laugh With ‘Wanderlust’

I do like it when I laugh a lot during a comedy.  The funny thing about this film is that I did laugh a lot during it, yet it is hard for me to say that I really loved it.  I liked it for sure, it has Paul Rudd being incredibly charming, smarmy, and just […]


‘Tower Heist’ Is Annoyingly Entertaining

The title of this film, as bland as it is, certainly cuts to the chase.  This is a simple heist comedy that is fairly entertaining, even as it slightly underuses the talents of its ensemble cast.  Brett Ratner, a director better known for his reputation as a hack director responsible for some entertaining successes (Rush […]