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Blu-ray Earns An ‘Easy A’

Get it?  Blu-ray earns an easy A?  I know.  Stupid!  Of course Blu-ray earns an easy A!  Duh!  Well anyway, what do we have here?  This one is really for all the Amanda Bynes fans out there.  Now why can’t I say that with a straight face?  LOL.  Okay, seriously.  Emma Stone stars in the […]


An Average Grade for ‘Easy A’

Easy A is a high school comedy that tries to be a fun, modern take on The Scarlett Letter.  It features Emma Stone in the lead role, basically working to establish her as a leading star.  While the film is essentially a chick flick, it seems to have aspirations to push in some satirical elements […]


There’s No Such Thing As An ‘Easy A’

Easy A is one of those films where let’s face it, if it were not for my wife wanting to see this, I think I could have come up with better ways to spend a free Thursday evening.  But as a critic, it’s your job to subject yourself to torture and to prevent the average […]