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Tracking Down The Spy Next Door

Today I braved the harsh Cleveland winter to have some Saturday morning fun at the cinema with everyone’s favorite martial artist Jackie Chan.  I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t like Jackie Chan?  His onscreen presence usually warrants a marginally safe draw at the box office and he seemingly always delivers good clean family fun.  The same […]


The Spy Next Door a Welcomed Visitor

Jackie Chan just has this unmistakable likeability factor.  He’s kind of like the Chicago Cubs of actors.  I mean, who out there really hates the Cubs?  Even though they haven’t won a Series since Christ was a mess cook, people still adore the team.  It’s the same with Chan, who, even after making an abysmal […]


Gamer (Blu-ray Review)

Let’s cut straight to the chase here.  I realize that I am probably going to lose credibility points amongst the masses for having nothing but good things to say about this Blu-ray release, but today I became something I never thought I would ever be…a “gamer.”  Yes, that’s right, today I fell in love with […]