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Brainscan (Blu-ray Review)

Brainscan feels perfectly at home as a part of Shout! Factory’s Scream Factory line. This 1990s film definitely can find itself in the “cult” status as the movie barely made itself known (Or even people aware) at the box office (Debuted at #10, didn’t even make $4.5 million) and likely found its life via premium […]


Jason Coleman’s Top Five Male & Female Performances of 2016

For a thorough movie purist like myself putting together a year-end list of stellar standout performances is a truly taxing task.  Not one to simply cherry pick from work within my Top Ten Films of the year, I scour movies in every genre and performances both big and small to bring the best of the […]


Interview: “How He Fell In Love” Standout Amy Hargreaves Talks Character, The Cassavetes Influence and Indescribable Love

For a true cinefile there’s nothing better than discovering a five-star female performance – an unforgettable character by a leading lady whose work lingers long.  The moving new film from writer/director Marc Meyers titled How He Fell In Love (currently playing in LA, New York and select cities from Monument Releasing) has one such tasty […]