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HALLOWEEN: The Home Video History Of Michael Myers

On September 25th, Lionsgate will release John Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece, Halloween, onto the 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray format for the first time. Halloween, like some other popular vintage horror properties (The Evil Dead, for instance), has long been part of a running gag with multiple re-releases on home video having many fans coining the phrase “double […]


The LA Dead Rise Again: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 1 Special Edition Blu-ray Announcement

If you thought the initial release of Fear The Walking Dead came up lacking, there is good news to hear as well as a bit of a reminder. The first season of The Walking Dead was similarly rushed out on Blu-ray quickly after it ended, only to release a special edition later on. That is very much […]


Halloween 35th Anniversary Blu-ray Honored At 40th Annual Saturn Awards

The Saturn Awards sure knows how to pick ’em as we both agree the Halloween 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray from last year was one of the year’s  best.  It was among my personal #1 of 2013 (I picked all John Carpenter releases and tied them together).  Saturn maybe should have waited a year for the […]


Rob Zombie & The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

We here at Why So Blu are BIG Rob Zombie fans and do we ever have the Rob Zombie news to deliver today.  Not only is Rob gearing up for his new studio album/tour this fall, Hellbilly Deluxe 2, but we also have a Rob Zombie Blu-ray release this week.  Rob Zombie’s comic incarnation The […]