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All of Us Strangers (Digital 4K Review)

Andrew Haigh’s All of Us Strangers made a splash at the Telluride Film Festival in the summertime.  It became an immediate critical hit for audiences and was quickly purchased for distribution by Searchlight Pictures. The film is itself a remake of a Japanese film The Discarnates which is itself an adaptation of the 1987 Japanese […]


1917 (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

When it comes to end of the year “Best” (or as I like to say, “Favorite”) lists, many of us looked toward Sam Mendes 1917 as a glaring omission as it had not opened in theaters near our residency. And I’ll be damned if the first time I watch something like this is on an […]


Alice Through The Looking Glass (Blu-ray Review)

Following Sweeney Todd, I was very excited for Tim Burton to be taking on Alice In Wonderland.  It looked like not only would it have the Burton stamp, but it would be sort of a follow up to the original tale.  However, the film came out the same weekend in 2010 that I got married. […]


SPECTRE, James Bond’s Latest Thrill Ride, Explodes Onto Blu-ray Feb. 9

This past fall, James Bond returned for SPECTRE. The film may not have reached the heights of Skyfall, but it did have everything you’d expect in a Bond film. Daniel Craig returns, along with a number of great actors for this big adventure that puts him on a path to learn some big secrets and of course […]


Watch James Bond’s Live Event! – Title And Cast Revealed!

If you want to watch the James Bond event taking place in London live, feel free to use this post as one of the many ways to do so!  There will be more updates to this post once I wake up in the morning and see what went down (silly time zones), but for now […]


Locke Rides Solo (Movie Review)

Watching someone attempt to control chaos can be a very exciting thing. Fittingly enough, in recent years, I have now watched two major Batman villains attempt it. Obviously Heath Ledger did his best to wreak havoc on the fictional Gotham City, only to be nearly outdone later by Tom Hardy’s Bane, but now Hardy is […]