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South Park The Complete 19th Season (Blu-ray Review)

Alright everybody, listen up. The best full season of “South Park” in the 20 years of the show’s existence has arrives soon on Blu-ray and it is a must watch for fans, ex-fans, and non-fans of the series alike. Making their first foray into a serialized style, where the season has a full arc and […]


SXSW Review: Sausage Party (Work-in-Progress)

Sausage Party is the worst, least funny comedy I have ever seen. It is full to the brim with lazily written, stereotyping, racist, sexist, homophobic, reference-heavy, swear-ridden “jokes” that try way too hard to seem either controversial or profound and just end up being nothing. There is nothing to like about this film. I chuckled […]