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Love Story – Paramount Presents (Blu-ray Review)

Every so often, the Paramount Presents line does a double dip and improves the quality of a past classic. They started the line with two of them and recently did Trading Places. Now, for its 50th anniversary, they are putting out a new edition of 1971’s phenomenon Love Story starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal.  […]


Forgotten Friday Flick – “Teachers”

Feeling strangely movie academic this week leads us to a past picture selection that helps both educate and entertain…welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we’re hitting the books and heading to class for a cinematic story about the ups, downs and student clowns that make up one ruckus high school.  It’s a dramatic yet comically […]


The Criterion Collection July Titles – Terrence Malick, King Hu, Alain Resnais & More!!!

Things will be heating up this summer. In July, Criterion will bring into the collection films from three of the greatest directors of all time: The New World, the exquisite reimagining of the Pocahontas–John Smith tale by American treasure Terrence Malick, in a deluxe special edition featuring three different cuts of the film; A Touch of Zen, […]