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Brian’s Crank 2 High Voltage Blu-ray Review

Jason Statham is back meaner, crazier and badder than ever as the beloved Chev Chelios in Lionsgate’s Crank 2 High Voltage and Brian White got the opportunity to screen the Blu-ray release early as he shares his thoughts over at Into The Blu.  There’s no denying that 2007’s Crank became Blu-ray’s early flagship title, with pristine video and […]


Crank 2’s Higher Voltage on Blu-ray!

I am excited!  Are you excited?  Why am I excited?  Well I am excited because in less than a month from now the sequel to one of the best Blu-rays I own, Crank, will be spinning in my Playstation 3 drive and I will be able to experience Crank 2 High Voltage in all its […]