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“Black and Blue and Eh All Over.” (Movie Review)

So recently I went to go see Black and Blue (2019). I was not too familiar with this film in particular… I know , I know I say that a lot, but its just true guys. I was so unaware of this film I confused it for at least two other films that are coming […]


‘The Nice Guys’ Make A Killer Pair Of Silly Gumshoes (Movie Review)

As a writer, Shane Black made a name for himself by scripting many successful mismatched buddy movies. Over time and after stepping into the director’s chair, Black has more evidently become a master of going against what’s expected to the tune of comedic and often times violent irony. The Nice Guys is a perfect embodiment […]


Tap Into ‘The Signal’ (Movie Review)

The Signal is the kind of movie I want to support, despite finding some issues with it.  It is an original science fiction story with mysterious aspects that unfold as the film goes along in ways that I found consistently engaging.  The film ends up biting off a bit more than it can chew, but […]