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44FLOOD & IDW Publishing Introduce LIBRETTO!

44FLOOD’s first project developed with IDW Publishing is LIBRETTO, a 9×12” anthology presenting emerging and world-class artists as they explore a single theme using diverse mediums such as comics, oil painting, photography, sculpting and more. The libretto refers to the part of an opera or a musical that is the words or lyrics, and is distinct from […]


MONOCYTE: Limited-Edition Book To Include Original Paintings By Artist Dream Team!

IDW Limited today announced a deluxe limited-edition treatment of MONOCYTE from art visionary menton3 and writer/artist/entrepreneur Kasra Ghanbari. The book is now available for pre-order on the IDW Limited website (www.idwlimited.com). The special edition includes hand-drawn artwork from the book’s artist and co-creator menton3, as well as several other gallery artists, including George Pratt, Bill […]