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Bertolucci, Brooks, Coolidge & More Coming to The Criterion Collection August 2024

Coming in August: Brief Encounters / The Long Farewell: Two Films by Kira Muratova, two long-suppressed features by the fearless Ukrainian iconoclast; Not a Pretty Picture, a metacinematic experiment in recreating trauma from Martha Coolidge; Real Life, a satirical mockumentary about attempting to document the life of an ordinary American family, from Albert Brooks; and Mother, a comic portrait of a struggling novelist […]


Great Directors (DVD Review)

It’s a real treat, and suffice to say, and even and honor to review films in general, but there are those moments where a title flies under the radar and lands firmly on my lap that makes my whole day. Great Directors is one of these films; a documentary, in fact, that brightened up my […]


Last Tango In Paris (Blu-ray Review)

Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris is one of the most controversial yet celebrated movies in film history.  In fact, when it was released it was with an “X” rating and was protested by many women’s groups.  The press either seemed to love  it or hate it.  Some like Pauline Kael said that, “Tango has altered the […]