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Imaginary (Blu-ray Review)

I have always been fond of the horror genre. Ever since I was a little kid terrified of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, yes you read it right… I have had a very real fascination with the genre. There’s definitely something psychological going on while you watch a horror film, and in my opinion something almost […]


Keep Your Best Friend Forever… IMAGINARY on Blu-ray May 14th

Keep your new best friend forever when IMAGINARY arrives on Electronic Sell-Through May 7 and Blu-ray™ (+ DVD and Digital), and DVD from Lionsgate. IMAGINARY stars Chauncey the Bear, Blumhouse’s latest horror icon, now ready to play in your imagination at home! But remember, Chauncey is not imaginary, and not your friend. Alongside Chauncey are […]


AFI Fest 2016: Split (Movie Review)

It is irritating to see a filmmaker get close to putting something great out there, but still be ultimately undone by script issues. Split has the makings of a very clever and tense psychological thriller. A terrific turn from star James McAvoy certainly deserves plenty of praise. Still, for every new layer and reveal, there […]