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A High-Strung Teenager’s Life On ‘The Edge Of Seventeen’ (Movie Review)

The Edge of Seventeen falls under the category of one of the many types of films you expect to get in a given year. This is a coming-of-age comedy drama about a teenager navigating the socially awkward experience that is high school. Generally, when you see good versions of these types of movies come out, […]


Everybody Wants Some!! (Blu-ray Review)

Everybody Wants Some!! follows Jake (Blake Jenner) who’s recently been accepted into a Texas college to play on their Baseball Team.  Due to overcrowding, the city has procured housing for the team as they await the start of the semester.  In the meantime, the boys are on the hunt to sow their wild oats among […]


‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ And You Should Want This Film Too (Movie Review)

I sometimes wonder how difficult it is to make something look easy. Writer/director Richard Linklater has largely specialized in putting together films that depict people acting natural enough, talking (sometimes philosophically) and occasionally involving themselves in some kind of activity. From his simpler efforts like Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight to his acclaimed epic, Boyhood, this filmmaker style […]