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Dumb And Dumber To (Blu-ray Review)

One of my favorite comedies from the 1990s was Dumb And Dumber.  I laughed my tail off when I first saw the film in the theater.  Being a huge Jim Carrey fan since his In Living Color days, I was there opening weekend.  The film also introduced us to the Farrelly brothers who would rock […]


‘Dumb and Dumber To’ Takes Us Down To Many Familiar Rodes (Movie Review)

I honestly cannot believe it’s been twenty years since Dumb and Dumber almost made me piss my pants from laughter when I first saw it in the theater.  I still remember it like it was only yesterday.  My friend Bryan and I ventured out on opening night in Ohio to see this one theatrically and […]


KINGPIN Rolls Onto Blu-ray October 14!

I called this back on April 3, “but anyway”.  Yes, we have another Wishlist title making its way to glorious Blu-ray.  The Farrelly Brothers’ severely underrated Woody Harrelson/Randy Quaid/Vanessa Angel/Billy Murray bowling comedy is set to drop in just a few months.  And its porting its extras over as well as having some new interviews. […]