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Dracula: Prince Of Darkness – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Scream Factory has announced they’ll be diving deep into the Hammer Horror archives in 2019. We are getting a taste for it here at year’s end with the Collector’s Edition release of Christopher Lee’s second turn as the famed Count in Dracula: Prince of Darkness. You’ll remember Millennium previously released the film, but Scream Factory […]


Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Supreme Cinema Series (Blu-ray Review)

It may be Bram Stoker’s name in the title, but this is Francis Ford Coppola’s film, from the first frame to the last. Coppola’s adaptation is an exercise in excess, creating mesmerizing cinematic fever dream. Every detail is flawless, from the production design by Dante Ferreti and Thomas Sanders to the breathtaking cinematography by Michael Ballhaus […]


Thor’s TOP 16 Vampire Movies

With the recent release of New Moon, the latest installment in Summit’s Box-Office behemoth the Twilight Series (or Saga, or whatever they’re calling it), vampires seem to be on everyone’s mind nowadays; be it for the tweens’ phenomenal adoration of them or the fan boy disdain of what they represent.  One thing is for sure; […]