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‘Don’t Breathe 2’ Delivers Tension But Not Much Else (Movie Review)

Greenlighting sequels to surprise hits, especially ones of the suspense variety, are no-brainers for studios. Yet Fede Alvarez’s 2016 home invasion thriller Don’t Breathe didn’t seem to have many stories left to tell once the credits rolled. Don’t Breathe 2’s big swing is to shift the story’s focus to the villain, Norman Nordstrom, played with absolute […]


Session 9 (Blu-ray Review)

Fear is a place… A “deft exercise in atmospheric horror” (L.A. Weekly) that takes place in an abandoned mental hospital, Session 9 makes its Blu-ray debut courtesy Scream Factory on August 16, 2016. This release comes packed with new bonus features, including interviews with cast and crew, and Horror’s Hallowed Grounds, a new revisiting of […]