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Cocaine Bear – Maximum Rampage Edition (Blu-ray Review)

From the moment the marketing began with Cocaine Bear, the world was well aware of its presence. And rather than just being something goofy shared with friends and chuckled at on social media, people actually were curious and showed up to the movie. And, they also were plenty satisfied with what they saw. In addition […]


‘Settlers’ on Blu-ray February 15, 2022!

Mankind’s earliest settlers on the Martian frontier, llsa (Sofia Boutella) and Reza (Johnny Lee Miller) inhabit a desolate farmstead with their child Remmy (Brooklynn Prince and Nell Tiger Free). They work the land and shield their daughter from the dangers of the harsh surroundings. When hostile intruders threaten to expel them from the compound the […]


The Florida Project (Blu-ray Review)

Director Sean Baker had himself a nice little breakout with the acclaimed film Tangerine a few years ago. Here he returns with his follow up, The Florida Project. I thin this one expected a little more love at the Academy Awards this year, but has wound up touting a Willem DaFoe Best Supporting Actor nomination […]