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The Good, The Meh, and The Messy Films of SXSW (SXSW Review)

When a person watches 23 films over 9 days, it can be difficult to find the time to write enough about all of them. Also, with over 150 different films to choose from, it is nearly impossible to pick all winners. I have tried to cover the bigger films of the festival this year and […]


Hannibal – Season 2 (Blu-ray Review)

Friday nights are not the most popular time you think of when it comes to “must see” television.  When a show moves to the end of the week its know as getting put in a “Friday Death Slot” where its assumed the next step for the show is cancellation.  However, few shows can do well […]


HANNIBAL Serves Up Its Second Season Sept 16 On Blu-ray

Network television’s best show of the last two years, Hannibal, is coming to Blu-ray.  The show’s second season continued its mythology building based off the Thomas Harris novels and deepened its lore.  Every frame, every breath of dialogue is so carefully constructed and it shows.  This show is so good, they’re bringing in elements from […]