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The Huntsman: Winter’s War (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Who out there was a fan of Snow White and the Huntsman?  I have to admit, I initially was going into the theatrical screening.  It looked dark and broody and I was looking forward to seeing Charlize Theron as the evil queen of the famous fairy tale “Snow White.”  However, I just don’t know.  In […]


‘The Huntsman’ Tells The Fantasy Tale You Never Wanted (Movie Review)

The worst fears have been realized, as The Huntsman: Winter’s War is The Return of Jafar of big studio fairy tale movies. Armed with a $115 million budget, this attempt at a spin-off/prequel/sequel fails miserably in its attempt to have any more worth than a direct-to-video sequel that no one expects much from. It would […]