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Dark Skies (Blu-ray Review)

About three weeks ago I received a weird unmarked postcard in the mail.  It was black with strange red symbols and the only text to be found on it were the words “Were You Chosen?”  I snapped a photo of it and texted it to my girlfriend and Gerard Iribe.  Neither one knew what it […]


“Real Steel” Is Built From Likable Spare Parts

As if one giant freaking robots movie was not enough for one year, we now have a new one that involves the seedy underbelly that is robot boxing.  Well not quite, Real Steel is a fairly standard sports action/drama, which happens to be set a small amount of time in the future where robots have […]



I wanted Rocky with robots, and I got it and so much more!  Do I need to say anymore?  Well, adhering to my own review structure on the website kind of dictates that I do.  Boo!  So let’s talk some more about a film I heard about so long ago, but never bothered to research […]