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Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ Not To Be Confused With The Prequel to ‘Rogue One’ (Movie Review)

The Da Vinci Code book was one of those that come around every so often that make non-readers take note of and spend time doing something they normally wouldn’t…they READ.  Yes, I’m one of those suckers too.  While I love to read I often have this problem in life called no time.  By the time […]


‘Inferno’ Is Upon Hanks (Movie Review)

Following the sadly underseen Rush and the underwhelming In The Heart of the Sea, director Ron Howard returns to his moneymaking Robert Langdon film series with Inferno, based on the novel by Dan Brown. Tom Hanks is back too, continuing to portray his boorish, know-it-all character (although the hair is kept much more in check […]


Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons Blu-ray Decoded

Behold, Robert Langdon fans.  Following on the heels of Ron Howard’s The Da Vinci Code, viewers can experience the next chapter of the story in Angels & Demons, which will arrive on Blu-ray Novemeber 24th.  Tom Hanks reprises his role as Robert Langdon and is joined by a very talented cast which includes the likes […]