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The Boondocks Saints: Truth & Justice Edition (Blu-ray Review)

The 1999 cult hit, The Boondock Saints has become an interesting sort of film to write about.  There are various camps that acknowledge the film differently.  Some see it as a fun, Tarantino-lite sort of film.  Others find it to be way too derivative and all style, blood, and swearing.  Then you have the frat […]


The Boondock Saints Seek Truth & Justice on Blu

Get ready to experience the raw power and heart-pounding thrills of The Boondock Saints like never before.  That’s right!  The MUST-HAVE Blu-ray, The Boondock Saints: Truth & Justice Edition, arrives in stores on June 14th with all-new bonus features.  What more can you possibly ask for?  Don’t answer that!  Instead, read on below and find […]