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Interview With A Faster Horse’s David Gelb

One of the biggest perks of this gig here at Why So Blu is the access it gives me to chat with choice talent that I highly admire in the world of filmmaking.  Couple that with a 15-minute conversation about one of the most passionate subjects in my life, Ford Mustangs, and you have my heart and complete […]


Everyone Wants ‘A Faster Horse’ (Movie Review)

If A Faster Horse proves nothing else than the fact that we all have our own “Mustang” story, then the documentary film is already a winner in my book.  For me, I suppose my father had a little something to do with my infatuation and affectionate love for the legendary pony car.  You see, my dad had […]


The Lazarus Effect (Blu-ray Review)

I purposely chose to tackle the Blu-ray review of The Lazarus Effect for two main reasons.  First, I love stories about mad scientists.  There’s something about them playing God in the real world that just wildly appeals to me and curdles my blood.  Secondly, I feel like Anakin Skywalker at times.  I truly do want […]