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What Are You Afraid Of? POLTERGEIST Arrives on Blu-ray September 29

I missed this one in the theaters due to the flooding in Austin, TX over the Memorial Day weekend so curiosity has the best of me in regards to this news and I at least want to check this one out to give it the benefit of the doubt.  Finally!  I get my wish!  Fox […]


OZ The Great and Powerful Movie Review – Just Seen It

Watch us on National Public Television – check your local listing for show times! Kevin, Liz and Aaron review this visually unique movie about two worlds and their star-crossed lovers.


Dive Into Blu-ray’s ‘Rabbit Hole’

Living in Cleveland, sometimes you miss the best films of the year in the theater.  It’s very easy to do.  The little indie films, if they come here, only last for about a week or two and play  in obscure theater locations.  So with that being said, Rabbit Hole is a film I’m truly looking forward […]