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Swerve Blu-ray Giveaway Contest!

In Swerve, Zero Dark Thirty Star Jason Clarke delivers a frightening performance in the gripping thriller where a good samaritan comes to regret his split second decision to save a woman involved in a car crash hits the Blu-ray and DVD formats on March 18th courtesy of the Cohen Media Group.  The flick also stars Emma Booth […]


‘Safe Haven’ Is A Romantic Pit Stop From Better Films (Movie Review)

It seems to be the most irritating to write about films like this.  I do not have anything against the idea of a romantic drama that is timed to come out around Valentine’s Day, because it is of course the type of film certain people would want to see around then, let alone by those […]


Revolution – NBC Fall 2012 Pilot Review – Just Seen It

Liz, Greg and Aaron review the new J.J. Abrams Science Fiction drama. Starring Liz Manashil, Greg Karber, and Aaron Fink. Directed by Sean Wright. Synopsis: In this new NBC drama from executive producer J. J. Abrams, electricity stops working on a global scale. As a result, fifteen years later, a new world without technology has emerged. But a […]