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The Wire: The Complete Series (Blu-ray Review)

The acclaimed HBO crime drama The Wire is now on Blu-ray in its entirety. Yes, there has been a level of controversy surrounding the widescreen remaster for the series, but the fact is – The Wire can now be seen in HD and it is glorious. David Simon’s fantastic series presents five seasons worth of story […]


Treme: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray Review)

Continuing to focus on New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina, the second season of the critically-acclaimed HBO series Treme tells the colorful, interwoven stories of a group of ordinary people who endure in the midst of unthinkable loss and hardship.  It’s now fourteen months post-Katrina and residents of the Crescent City are finding it harder […]


Treme: Season One (Blu-ray Review)

Treme is a show created by David Simon (The Wire) and it takes place in New Orleans three months after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. This dramatic show has a lot to say about life in New Orleans and shows the anger and desperation of the people who are still struggling to survive there.  […]