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Aaron’s Top 10 Films of 2011 & Other Yearly Wrap-Up Stuff

To me, 2011 was a pretty unusual year.  I say that because I found there to be an unusual amount of great films that came out in both the realm of mainstream feature films and the realm of art house and independent features.  This year, like any year, had its share of duds as well, […]


Interview With The Cast Of ‘Bellflower’

Bellflower is certainly one of the more unique and original films that I had the chance to see this year.  As I described in my review (found HERE), the film is about two guys, a girl, and flamethrowers.  Medusa, a muscle car equipped with flamethrowers is a major symbol of the film, but it is […]


‘Bellflower’ Ignites Apocalyptic Indie Romance

It is interesting to take in an indie film such as this.  On the one hand, it is a dream for lovelorn mechanical engineers, as the film is a love story or sorts and was literally made with homemade cameras and revolves around a car customized and built for this film.  On the other hand, […]