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The Sounds: Something To Die For (Album Review)

And now at last we’ve come to it, the final review of our flashback series covering The Sounds’ entire album catalog. Their fourth album is called Something To Die For and it was released back in 2011. What separates Something To Die For from the rest of their albums is that for the first time ever the band went […]


The Sounds: Crossing The Rubicon (Album Review)

As promised, we are keeping it rockin’ and rollin’ with our flashback coverage of the entire Sounds catalog. We’ve already covered their latest release Weekend (HERE) and their first two albums, Living in America (HERE) and Dying To Say This To You (HERE). Part three of our flashback series brings us to the band’s third album entitled: Crossing The Rubicon. This […]


The Sounds: Dying To Say This To You (Album Review)

Here we are once again with part 2 of our “flashback” series of album reviews covering that little ol’ band from Sweden: The Sounds! Three to four years after their electric new-wave album Living in America tore up the European charts and similarly making a dent here in America, Los Sonidos came back with their follow-up record called Dying To Say […]


The Sounds: Living in America (Album Review)

Here’s something that just popped into my head in a very random way. I’ve been on a Sounds binge since the beginning of 2013 and it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, so I figured I’d review their entire catalog one album at a time. Why not, right? The catalyst was my recent review of […]


The Sounds: Weekend (Album Review)

In what will be a culmination of ten years worth of albums and fifteen years since they formed in a small town in Sweden, The Sounds will hit the Fall of 2013 running with their fifth studio album entitled: Weekend. The indie rock/new wave outfit has unleashed their latest offering to the world via physical compact disc […]