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‘The Tourist’ Should Have Had its Passport Revoked

To reference a review I wrote a few weeks ago, this movie has nice shoes. It is nice to look at, but to be fair, is it really that hard, these days, with a large budget, to not be able to make a movie set in Venice look that good? Regardless of the answer to that question, it is apparently hard to make a movie set in Venice that features two of the world’s biggest stars, is directed by a talented filmmaker, and written by a couple of Oscar winners any good. The Tourist is kind of a disaster. It lacks any kind of momentum, suspense, or entertainment (save for some random quips by an ill-equipped ((or just bored)) Johnny Depp). This film put me to the point of wanting to rather watch a movie about Paul Bettany’s character dealing with the boring bureaucracy of his job. But how do I really feel?


I Wouldn’t Travel Too Far To Catch ‘The Tourist’

My good friend has a one-word saying where if something is just barely plausible in her opinion she will respond by saying “meh.”  Honest to God, I can’t think of a better word to describe The Tourist.  When she asked me today how the film was I was not quick enough to respond in the […]