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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Seven New Indie Titles

The year may be coming to an end soon, but the barrage of smaller screen fare is still alive and kicking.  (And that’s not including indie Oscar fare that studios only put out in the final two months!)  An urban drama where two different but similar universes exist, a terror tale about a creepy dude […]


Justin and the Knights of Valor (Blu-ray Review)

I don’t know who or what a Justin and the Knights of Valor is. The Blu-ray cover artwork indicates that it’s a CGI animated film and that Antonio Banderas presents it. Upon further inspection I see the voice talents of some of my favorite actors in the mix. Ok, now we’re talking. I decided to review the Blu-ray […]


The Art of Getting By (Blu-ray Review)

The tagline on the cover art for the Blu-ray for The Art of Getting By states, “From the studio that brought you Juno and (500) Days of Summer.”  It is basically stating, “If you liked those films, you might like this one.”  What is should have stated is, “If you liked those films, stick with […]