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A Talk With Disney’s Glen Keane About Tangled

I had the privilege of talking to Glen Keane when Beauty and the Beast was released on Blu-ray and last week I got another chance to talk to him about Tangled.  Mr. Keane is not only a legendary Disney animator, but he was also the original director of Tangled before becoming the Executive Producer and […]


Tangled 2D/3D (Blu-ray Review)

Tangled marks Walt Disney’s 50th animated feature film and it’s a fitting choice since it seems to bridge the company’s legendary legacy of traditional animation with the new focus on computer animation.  Although the film is entirely CGI, Disney has perfected it so well that it’s taken what worked traditionally and integrated it into computer […]


A Talk with Beauty and the Beast’s Glen Keane

I was fortunate enough to participate in two separate round-table interviews with the legendary Disney animator Glen Keane who has played a central role in bringing many Disney movies to life including The Little Mermaid and especially Beauty and the Beast,  where he was the lead animator for the character of the Beast. Mr. Keane […]