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Aaron’s Top 10 Films of 2013 And Other Odds & Ends

It was a big year, but somehow I managed to put together a list of my favorite films of 2013.  I have to say that this was once again not the easiest list to put together.  Theatrically, I have seen 150+ films this year, so there were a lot of films to consider and figure […]


Spring Breakers Movie Review – Just Seen It

Sean, Liz and Salim review this new crime drama from Harmony Korine. Four friends are faced with no money for spring break. So they commit a daring robbery and head to the beach. But their partying and friendship with a rapper gets them in hot water. WATCH US ON PBS SOCAL Saturdays at 6PM or […]


OMG Best ‘Spring Breakers’ Ever! Right You Guys? (Movie Review)

Spring Breakers has a very easy hook, by providing us with the image of young college girls in bikinis, wearing ski masks.  The high concept phrasing is just as simple: a group of college girls rob a store in order to fund their spring break.  The cast consists of young girls, best known for their […]