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The Resident (Blu-ray Review)

Hammer Films through Image Entertainment has brought us The Resident starring Hillary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and the great Christopher Lee on Blu-ray.  As far as I know The Resident is a direct-to-video affair.  Even big name actors have to do these every once in a while, I guess.  Hammer Films has been around for […]


“The Resident” Moves In March 29th on Blu-ray

Here’s something right up my alley, and it features actors that I like.  Jefferey Dean Morgan, Hillary Swank, and Christopher Lee star in The Resident. Swank has landed the perfect job, the perfect place, and the promise of a new life.  Jefferey Dean Morgan is the landlord that oversees Swank’s new digs.  Terror and suspense […]


Amelia Doesn’t Soar to New Heights

First you’ve got Oscar-winner Hilary Swank.  Next, add in some Richard Gere and then throw in a little Ewan McGregor for good measure.  What do you have?  An extremely talented cast, that’s what.  Amelia is a film about the professional and private life of famed aviator, Amelia Earhart.  I will sheepishly admit, even as someone […]