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The Vampire Lovers – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

For a few years now, Scream Factory has become the premiere spot for cranking out the Hammer Horror catalog onto Blu-ay. Long releasing at miniscule efforts, since they’ve stepped in, both the quantity and quality of what is coming from the history of one of horror’s most legendary studios has been a relief and a […]


THE VAMPIRE LOVERS – COLLECTOR’S EDITION Sinks Its Teeth Onto Scream Factory Blu-ray December 21st!

A diabolical female vampire ravages the young girls and other townsfolk of a peaceful hamlet in eighteenth century Europe in revenge for the killing of her fellow vampires years earlier. A rousing hunt for the vampiress ensues as a group of men follow her bloody trail of terror through the countryside. Adapted from J. Sheridan […]


The House That Dripped Blood (Blu-ray Review)

When it comes to the notable classic horror studios or collaborations of the 1960s and early 1970s, we immediately lean toward Hammer Films, American International Pictures, the Roger Corman Edgar Allan Poe films, the works of Mario Bava and more. And included in that “more” is definitely Amicus Productions. Not that people aren’t immediately thinking […]


THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD Splatters Onto Blu-ray May 8th!

Vampires! Voodoo! Vixens! Victims! Terror waits for you in every room. A quartet of frightening fables is presented in The House That Dripped Blood, which comes to Blu-ray for the first time on May 8, 2018. . . .


Countess Dracula (Blu-ray Review)

Synapse Films has released another film in their Hammer Horror Collection.  This time its the Ingrid Pitt-led Countess Dracula, a movie from the later days of the Hammer films classic run.  Ingrid Pitt comes into it following her turn in The Vampire Lovers.  Hammer tells this tale of horror, basing it off of the actual […]


Hammer Films’ Classic COUNTESS DRACULA Starring Ingrid Pitt On Blu-ray May 6th!

The Hammer library is slowly creeping out into Blu-ray.  It’s wild that there’s only one Christopher Lee Dracula film out there, but I have no idea what the rights situations are with those.  Synapse Films, however, they’ve got ahold of one.  It’s Countess Dracula, which is actually based somewhat around true events.  Its coming as […]