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Lit: The Broken (Music Video)

Ladies and germs, we are happy to bring you Lit’s brand new music video for one of, if not, my favorite track off of their new album, The View From The Bottom. Sit back, relax, take a sip from your favorite beverage and let the rock take you to places you want to go. What’s […]


Lit: The View From the Bottom (CD Review)

Oh boy, I sound like a teenage female fan whooping and hollering for my favorite band to get up on that stage and rock my socks off. Well, I’m neither a female, and I’m only sort of whooping and hollering, because guys don’t tend to whoop and holler. Or do they?  You see, I just […]


Lit: ‘Same Sh**, Different Drink’

Lit will be releasing their new album The View From The Bottom June 19th, but as a special treat, you can listen to one of the new tracks before then. Same Sh**, Different Drink can be considered an “unofficial” sequel to My Own Worst Enemy without trying to be a new version of that classic […]


Lit – 2011 Electronic Press Kit

The boys from that little rock ‘n roll outfit known as Lit have released what could be called a video journal that chronicles the last 10-15 years of their career and compresses it into a very cool little electronic press kit which has the band talking about their forthcoming album.  They’re still in the studio […]


Lit: HOB Anaheim 10 Year Anniversary Series (Review)

You know you’re getting old when you can remember where you were ten years ago.  Me, I was at the grand opening of the House of Blues in Anaheim in Downtown Disney.  Why was I there?  Lit was there.  Lit were opening up the venue with two sold out shows Friday and Saturday night.  If […]


Albums That Changed Us – Gerard’s Picks

Every once in a great while we’ll get one of those projects that we just can’t wait to devour.  This be that kind of project.  Three albums that changed us?  It was kind of hard at first, but I feel that I was able to come through with my picks loud and clear.  Funny enough, […]