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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Seven New And Old Indie Titles

Flicks from 2018 new and old are once again up on the cinematic chopping block in time for Thanksgiving – and to keep everyone’s year-end list up to date to boot.  Docs on the damning effects of social media plus fictitious flicks featuring tales set in the old west, teens facing conversion therapy, internet models […]


Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist For 2017!

Barring some sort of super late rush surprise announcement, 2016 for the year of Blu-ray is pretty much in the books.  And as always, looking back, it was another terrific year.  Many more Wishlist films from years’ past were granted on Blu-ray and some that were being prepped for this list got announced before it […]


Green Room (Blu-ray Review)

Spike your hair, throw on your combat boots, and get ready to dive into the mosh pit when the brilliantly crafted thriller Green Room hits Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) July 12 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier (who achieved critical success with Blue Ruin), Green Room is […]


INTERVIEW: Director Jeremy Saulnier & Star Macon Blair Of BLUE RUIN

Last week I was privileged enough to have a phone interview with both the star and director of one of my favorite films this year, BLUE RUIN.  Please note that I don’t much fancy schmancy recording equipment to do all this proper, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.  Its audible and clear, that’s all […]


Blue Ruin (Blu-ray Review)

As it goes to start off, I was sort of in the dark regarding Blue Ruin back in 2013.  It wasn’t until I started seeing actor AJ Bowen Tweeting such high praises for the film and its lead performer Macon Blair, that I became aware and intrigued.  Upon looking the film up, I noticed it […]