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Horns (Blu-ray Review)

From what I can tell, Horns is going to be like Jennifer’s Body.  It carries that same tone and vibe, but what I’m really getting at is the fact that you’re really going to love it or you’re going to absolutely hate it.  I really can’t see anyone stuck in the dead middle here.  However, […]


‘A Single Shot’ on Blu-ray and DVD January 14th!

Director David M. Rosenthal (Falling Up, See This Movie) assembles an all-star cast including Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2, Moon), Academy Award® nominee William H. Macy (Best Supporting Actor, Fargo, 1996), Ted Levine (TV’s “The Bridge”), Kelly Reilly (Flight, TV’s “The Black Box”), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter franchise), Joe Anderson (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2) and Jeffrey […]


The Crazies is Thrillingly Sane

Remakes seem to be Hollywood’s cup of tea in recent years, especially in the scary movie category.  We’ve seen the kick-starts of well known franchises in recent memory such as Halloween and Friday the 13th.  2010 is no exception as audiences can now experience the facelift version of George Romero’s 1973 cult classic, The Crazies.  […]